Our Services

At The Paint Mechanic, we are not just a team of panel beaters, we direct our focus towards providing you with a wide array of services and solutions related to automobile and marine vessel repairs and restorations.

Through our high quality solutions you can rest assured that your car will leave our workshop looking and feeling as good as new. At our car repairs centre, we also provide clients with car parts and accessories for ease of mind.

We do not work with specific car or boat models. Whatever services you are looking for, from repairs to maintenance solutions, we will provide it to you with the least amount of troubles. From vintage and unique models to more common vehicles, we at The Paint Mechanic have seen it all.

Dent Repair

Whether it’s a tiny dent or a larger one, we are here to help you turn your car into showroom material. We can fix your enamel if it’s chipped in order to prevent any rust from developing in the area.

Spray Painting

We hold a selection of tools and the latest equipment to ensure a tip top service. From oven-baked spray painting jobs to protective UV top coats, at our workshop we can provide it all.

Part Replacement

We offer our customers with a range of car parts, some are ours and others are outsourced. We will go through the journey of finding the ideal car part for you without letting you deal with the trouble yourself.

Car Hiring

We understand that not having a car while it is in the workshop is a frustrating experience, and that is why we offer you the possibility of hiring a car from one of the garages we collaborate with.

Rust Cutting

From annoying rust holes to simple rust indentations, we can fix a range of bothersome problems in a twinkling.

Survey Reports

We supply you with survey reports for any insurance coverage you might need when you encounter a car collision or any other road accident.

Electrical Repairs

We can provide a range of electrical repairs on the vehicles which we are handed, however we also work in collaboration with local car electricians.

Car Towing

If your car is in no state to be moved, we can present you with our own 24/7 car towing solutions at a great price.

Car Restoration

If you own a vintage classic that is in a sorry state, bring it over to our workshop and let us work our magic. Your baby will be up and running in no time.

Boat Polishing

Our expertise is not only in the automotive field, we can also present you with boat polishing solutions on a range of marine vessels

Boat Dent Repairs

Our panel beating solutions are not ideal only for land vehicles, but also for sea vessels. We can offer you a range of dent repairs at competitive prices.

A/C Refills

We can provide you A/C refills for those long hot summer days. Whether you need to recharge or refill it, we are here to get that cool air flowing again.