Customer Satisfaction

Is Our Number One Priority

The Paint Mechanic has been up and running for the past 25 years. We are a team of four workers who strive towards presenting customers with an end result that not only meets their expectations, but also exceeds them. 

We are a team of hard working, fully qualified and QVR certified panel beaters and spray painters. Even though we can provide services in a range of solutions when it comes to car repairs, we specialise in paintless dent removal and have a flaring enthusiasm for classic cars.

Our portfolio is filled with a wide variety of classic cars which we have had the luck to work on over the years. From Lamborghinis to Jaguars, Porsches, Nissans, Jeeps and Fiats, we had the chance to work on a number of classic beauties.

We work using the latest technologies available in our field, meaning that we present you with an exceptional service. With The Paint Mechanic you can also get a range of full accidental body repairs on private, corporate and light commercial vehicles.

Whether your car is dented or in need of restorative work, worry not and contact us at The Paint Mechanic today, and we promise you a stellar solution to all of your car related plights.