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for all types of vehicles

We at The Paint Mechanic are all about presenting our clients with high-quality work with a spectacular eye for detail.

Why choose The Paint Mechanic



We are a team of reliable individuals who aim towards giving their 100% when it comes to car repairs.



We believe that providing you with proficiency, value and great solutions is what makes us truly shine in the industry.



We have a passion for cars, and it is no secret. Be they modern and luxurious sports cars or swanky classical beauties, we love them all.



We at The Paint Mechanic have over 25 years of experience in the industry, and it truly shows.



We provide a range of services on all car makes and models. From the vintage to the ostentatious and even the average.



We promise to provide you with qualitative and supportive solutions when it comes to fixing your car. We will consult you prior to any changes.

An Expert Team of Panel Beaters 



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Rust Cutting

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A/C Refilling

We Offer Our Clients a Myriad of Services

From 24 hour emergency car towing services to full-on accidental repairs, we at The Paint Mechanic take our job seriously. We aim towards providing you with qualitative works and an exceptional attention to detail.

Whether you are looking to repaint your car or need to fix a more catastrophic and unsightly dent, know that no job is too big or too small for us.

We Are Classic Car Enthusiasts

This means that we always aim towards providing you and your classic vehicle a range of full service repairs and maintenance solutions that will ensure a highly restorative service. We strive towards a total and utter master stroke when it comes to classic cars.

We at The Paint Mechanic are trusted with classic car restoration jobs on a regular basis. We focus mainly on solving any problem that we encounter in a professional and sensitive manner. Whether your classic vehicle is in good shape or a horrendous one, our intent is that of restoring it to its former glory.

We dealt with a range of cars over the years, from the majestic Alfa 2000 to the iconic Mini Minor and the sleek and beautiful Jaguar Series 2. We do not just repair these classic stunners, we at The Paint Mechanic also provide them with new colours, fantastic parts and marvelous upholstery.

You Ask We Deliver

Whether you are looking for a full on accident repair solution, a simple A/C refill, or you want to give your current car an outstanding upgrade, we promise to deliver you with a successful result.

Our target is that of providing people with repairs, car parts, survey reports and even restorative solutions on classic cars and more.

Whether you need our services for private vehicles, corporate cars, commercial vans, classic vehicles or even boats, contact us today.